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Hydraulic Floor Crane

Adjustable style floor crane WCF-120

These units have adjustable legs which swing out to accommodate bigger loads. Legs are adjustable and lock in three positions. Telescopic boom lift increases working adaptability. Reaches over, beyond, and underneath itself making it ideal for big, bulky, or awkward loads!


Power Portable Crane

Power Portable Crane - Straddle style WCE-120

These standard floor cranes a range of capacities to fit your load lifting need. Straddle designs for easy access to wide pallets. WCE series are very productive and safer than traditional lift trucks at lifting and transporting a wide variety of materials and heavy loads.


Electric Floor Crane Counter balance

Veshai has announced a series of electric power floor crane products. These portable cranes can lift and transport up to 2700lbs. without effort using electrically-actuated traction and hydraulics. They are particularly valuable in replacing manual lifting equipment, as they provide an ergonomic, strain-free solution to moving heavy loads.

Full power portable cranes feature push button lifting and lowering, on-board charging, a change-free battery system and all necessary safety features.

Veshai manufactures adjustable leg style, counter balance style and straddle style powered portable cranes. Various leg styles design for easy access to wide loads.


Vacuum lifter VH-WS-GR

Handling equipment
    Special design for handling difference kind of heavy plate, such as steel, glass, granite, marble and so forth, with vacuum suction caps.
Vacuum Robot
    The vacuum suction is designed with automatic pressure control doable routes to avoid system failure.
    Ideal for loading & unloading transporting, rotating and installation.
      .Easy for operation, with the following functions:
      .Self-propelled drive.
      .Electric lift up to 1.5M
      .Higher lift cap. is available upon request.
      .Electric side shift 100mm both right & left.
      .Electric tilting forwards & backwards from vertical to horizontal or reverse.
      .Manual rotating.


Mini Pick up
Model:VH-ETM Series
  • Ride-on tow tractor,easy handling.
  • Special design for tracting platform carts
  • A green product,no pollution.

  • Details......
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